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As an organization that focuses on helping wildlife, we are witness to animals under siege in myriad different ways. However, we have found leghold traps and snares to be among the cruelest of human-created threats to wildlife. It is distressing to imagine the millions of animals that succumb to these devices every year—and the thousands of them whimpering in a snare at this very moment.

Also distressing is that, a company that should know better, sells these products as well as books that instruct people to build their own traps and snares. This is the case even in India, where all hunting is illegal!

Recently, in India, we saved a 3-month old sloth bear who had lost one of her front paws to a wire snare. We named her Rose, and took her into our rescue center. She is currently under treatment, but will never be able to be released back to the wild.

Being the victim of a poacher’s snare—as was her mother, presumably—Rose was lucky to even have this shot at survival. Each day, many animals are caught in snares and leg hold traps and dealt similar injuries. Most will not make it.

For the blissfully uninitiated, snares and traps are basically booby traps set in wildlife areas. Once placed, they have no expiration date; devices placed decades ago have the ability to kill today, and devices set today can unselectively kill long into the future. Snares and traps are primitive and unsophisticated, but their use remains widespread because they can be made at almost no cost and can take down anything from small animals like rabbits and foxes to endangered elephants weighing thousands of pounds. Snare and trap use might seem humane compared to shooting or poisoning, but make no mistake: it is not. Animals caught in snares and traps often struggle for hours—in some cases days—before succumbing to thirst, hunger, strangulation, internal injuries, even predation from carnivores. Some, such as tigers, bears and leopards have even been known to chew off their own limbs in order to free themselves. Animals that manage to escape often die days or weeks later as a result of their injuries. And this is not to mention the pain, terror, and anxiety that any trapped animal will experience.

We implore Amazon to stop selling snares and leghold traps, as well as books that teach people to make their own traps. These devices are cruel by design, and indiscriminate in their catch. A respected, global company like Amazon should not be complicit in the suffering caused by snares and traps.

Please sign and share this petition today! Together, we can convince Amazon to stop selling these barbaric devices.  


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