Amazon​.​com should STOP disposing FBA inventory w/out warning. Support Inventory Justice!

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Amazon Sellers are essentially today's Mom & Pop store of yesterday. The majority of third-party sellers ship their goods to Amazon via FBA (Amazon fulfillment centers). If an amazon account is suspended or a product is delisted, Amazon disposes of the inventory in 30-60 days without sufficient warning. Amazon will send one email 30 days before that all goods will be disposed of in 30 days. This email is mixed in with 1000s of other emails so most sellers do not pay attention to this. Furthermore, they are attempting to get the account reinstated so in the meantime, the 30 days pass, and the goods are unknowingly destroyed. There are other scenarios where stranded goods are disposed of which should also not happen.

I personally know of Tens of millions of dollars of inventory Amazon disposed of against sellers' wishes. Some sellers have lost over a million dollars of fresh and authentic goods because of this quirk. Once the disposal order starts, it is almost impossible to stop and the goods are destroyed. Amazon will not reimburse the seller for these goods claiming this is their policy and that the seller was informed.

What do I want? A performance notification and a phone call (can be a robocall) from account health informing the seller that their goods will be disposed of in XX days and to please do a removal order if you want the goods back.


auto removal orders that work even when suspended or item delisted. Sellers should have an option to ALWAYS have their goods returned regardless of suspension or listing deactivation.  Amazon cannot simply haphazardly destroy our inventory and our dreams without proper notification. This is not the way to do business.

AND if an item received an inauthentic complaint and Amazon does not want you to sell that item, return the item back to the seller instead of disposing of it.

Bonus ask. A Senior Amazon exec has to sign off on any inventory disposed of valued at $75,000 and above to ensure this draconian action is warranted and no stone is left unturned.

This simple change will save small businesses Billions of dollars of unnecessary losses and will cost Amazon nothing. #stopDisposalOrders. It's the right thing to do. 

Who benefits from this change? Amazon and its shareholders, Amazon Sellers, and Amazon buyers. It's literally a WIN-WIN-WIN for everyone.

Why would Amazon destroy inventory without proper notice?  My opinion is it's not out of malice. Amazon is so big and so automated that destroying millions of dollars of fresh goods of a small business is not even noticed. Amazon as far as I know agrees that this is not right, but has not fixed this in years. In the meantime, every day more inventory is destroyed against sellers' desires and more lives destroyed for no reason other than poor communication and bad policy. 

Please sign this to convince Amazon to help themselves and all of us by stopping to destroy third-party sellers' inventory against their wishes. This can likely be fixed with 3 hours of effort on Amazon's part.  Sign if you support inventory justice! Please comment below if something like this has happened to your business.

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