Please Save the Amazon

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The fires in the Brazilian rainforest can be seen from outer space. The rainforests are the lungs of the earth. Without them, rich or poor, we all stop breathing. It’s that simple. 

We are aware that financially and technologically the resources do exist to save the rainforest and revive our one home, planet earth. The only thing between us and this possibility is our inability to mobilise. Are we ready to wake up and save our world? 

This petition is an urgent invitation for Jeff Bezos, the creator of aptly named, with over a hundred billion dollars to his name, to lead a movement to save the Amazon rainforest. Mr. Bezos, if you are willing to start the campaign to mobilise your resources to save our planet, we believe that others with your means and your power will follow suit. Please, let the money we have paid as patrons of your organisation not only be used for our own personal needs but for the larger cause of our collective survival as an ecosystem. We beg you, for the sake of life itself and generations of life to come, help us to transition to a better, healthier earth before it is too late. We cannot do this without you. Time is nearly up.