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Petitioning Jean-Paul (JP) Colaco, Senior Vice President of Marketing, Hulu LLC

Dear Hulu, Stop Advertising Dasani Water as Energy Saving

Attn: Jean-Paul Colaco
Hulu, LLC
12312 W Olympic Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90064-1033
United States

Hulu is currently airing commercials that promote Dasani bottled water as "saving enough energy to power 7800 homes" because their bottles are now "up to 30% bioplastic." This is a blatantly false claim. The energy footprint of bottled water in the United States is massive and growing due to the incredible amount of energy used to produce, package, ship, refrigerate, and reclaim these bottles. Approximately one third of one percent of ALL energy consumed in the United States in consumed by bottled water.

If you do the math based on THEIR CLAIM alone that they are saving energy by switching to "up to 30% bioplastics" that means that the other 70% or more of the bottles that are not bioplastic waste AT LEAST enough energy to power 18,200 homes ( 7800 / 30 * 70 = 18200 ). And that's just the difference between the energy use of their standard plastic versus their new bioplastic. If you add the wasted energy from the petroleum from shipping their bottles of filtered tap water all over the U.S., we can start talking about energy to power an entire city, not just a neighborhood.

Or, more specifically, we can talk about consuming enough energy to power ONE MILLION CARS.

A peer-reviewed study from the Pacific Institute found that the annual consumption of oil to make plastic bottles for bottled water for U.S. consumption alone at 17 million barrels of oil in 2006, enough to power 1 million AMERICAN cars for a year. Once the other parts of the energy equation are added in, we're looking at between 34 million and 54 million barrels of oil per year based on 2006 consumption levels. Almost all of this is wasted energy.

This waste is significant, amounting to 1/3 of 1% of U.S. energy consumption. In terms of people, that's the energy consumption of over one million Americans, based on United States having a population of approximately 311,591,917 people (2011).

In comparison, tap water uses about 2000 times LESS energy. Tap water from your local municipality, whatever its problems, is at least as safe or safer than the bottled filtered tap water sold under the brand name Dasani. If you preferred the taste of filtered water, buy a filter. A water filter for your tap has a much lower energy footprint than bottled water.

But don't buy the false advertising that Dasani's new bottles are saving energy.


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