Stop the 130 ft Radio Tower in Southwest Cape Coral

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We recently discovered information about a new FM radio tower that will be constructed in Southwest Cape Coral, directly across from the Cape Harbour community on the Seventh Day Adventist Church property. This tower will be erected and stand at an enormous height of 130 feet according to the plans.  It will create a huge eyesore for miles and could potentially decrease property values making it very difficult to sell and purchase real estate. There are also possible health hazards with RF and radiation when emitted at high frequencies. The plan is to install an omnidirectional antenna which means it will be sending out radio waves in all directions  (360 degrees) directly over top of 1000's of people. Please reach out to council, tell your neighbors, realtors, business owners, residents in Cape Harbour, and anyone who might live adjacent to the Church about this monstrosity. They have been secretly working this project for 3 years (November 2013) and NOBODY in the entire neighborhood was aware it was about to happen. We researched all the FCC License applications and were able to track this data since it is public record. Thank you and please spread the word.

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