Remove Centennial Plaza from the list of reservable spaces.

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Many activist groups and professional provocateurs have been welcomed onto our campus to incite violence and to disseminate their propaganda to the student body. While we understand that our public university has an obligation to ensure free expression, and equal treatment to unaffiliated groups, we believe that their access to well-trafficked, central locations on campus is needlessly confrontational. We plead that you reserve Centennial Plaza for campus-affiliated events, and refuse access to outside organizations. The Tech Pride Room in the Roaden University Center, Derryberry Auditorium, and the Memorial Gym are alternative spaces that these groups could utilize. If we could confine non-affiliated organizations to interior spaces like these, only the students who wished to attend their events would be subjected to their propaganda. Please consider the saftey of our campus community, and act on this matter with due haste.