CASD and Grayling Schools End Donkey Basketball

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This petition was started to urge the school administrators at the Crawford AuSable School District (CASD) to not allow donkey basketball games to occur on any school property next week, or in the future.

Project Graduation has currently scheduled a donkey basketball game to be held on May 6, 2017 in the Grayling Middle School. It is our hope that not only will this year's game be canceled, but that the CASD principals and superintendent will agree to not permit donkey basketball to occur ever again on any CASD school property.   

The reason we are petitioning the school to step in and end donkey basketball games on school property is because, although, having a donkey basketball fundraiser may seem like a fun idea for the kids, the truth is that most often participants in these games have no animal-handling experience, which can cause pain and injury to the animals and kids involved. Most often, there’s no way for the kids riding to distinguish if the donkey has an existing injury, sickness, or is experiencing pain. Donkeys are not protected under any Federal laws, so local humane agencies have a hard time prosecuting owners,or perpetrators, if cruelty occurs. Because of the lack of law protecting donkeys, we are depending on the leaders in the community and the school system to do what’s right for the donkeys, and the kids who attend school at CASD. By canceling the game, and not permitting donkey basketball games to be held in the future, CASD would be showing the kids and the community that they care about animal protections, and want to keep our kids safe.  

At these basketball games donkeys have potential to experience a host of abuses. Donkeys are often pushed, pulled, kicked, and punched by their riders, are injured by basketballs hitting them, or by falling on slippery surfaces – like a gym floor. Most donkeys used for basketball events have little opportunity to lead a 'normal' life. They spend a significant amount of their lives in crowded trailers while being shipped from one event to the other. Donkeys may injure each other in the cramped trailer, and frequent transport can increase stress, as well as their susceptibility to respiratory illnesses.

Using animals for entertainment, such as, hosting donkey basketball fundraisers, send kids the message that it’s OK to use and humiliate those who are weaker than they are. And because of that, schools from coast to coast have stopped hosting cruel donkey basketball fundraisers. It is my hope, and the hope of so many others, that CASD will no longer allow donkey basketball games, or any entertainment/fundraiser, to be held on school property when live animals are involved. There are many other ways to raise funds for Project Graduation, which don’t include using animals. Please join me by signing this petition asking CASD to never again participate, promote, host, or support a donkey basketball game.  


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