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Ditch Cruelly Produced Angora Wool

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PETA Asia's unprecedented behind-the-scenes investigation – which was carried out in China, the source of 90 per cent of the world's angora fur – reveals that workers violently rip the fur out of rabbits' skin as the animals scream in pain. Rabbits who have their fur cut or sheared also suffer greatly: during the cutting process, their front and back legs are tightly tethered and the sharp cutting tools inevitably wound them as they struggle desperately to escape. Afterwards, the gentle, sensitive rabbits are left in shock, able only to lie motionless inside their tiny, filthy cages. After they endure the violent plucking or shearing of their fur every three months for two to five years, their throats are cut and their skin is torn from their bodies.

 After corresponding with PETA Australia, dozens of Australian designers and retailers – including Aurelio Costarella, David Jones, Myer, George Wu, Carly Hunter, Paolo Sebastian, Alexi Freeman and Natasha Gan – have pledged not to use wool from angora rabbits in their designs and merchandise.

But executives at The Just Group – which owns Dotti, Portmans, Jay Jays, Just Jeans and other brands – have told PETA that the company will not be joining in this pledge and that they will continue to sell items made from angora wool, despite being made aware of the horrific abuse of angora rabbits in that industry.

Angora production is barbaric, and PETA needs your help to urge The Just Group to follow fashion industry leaders and show that cruelty to animals has no place in their business.

Take action NOW to help rabbits used for angora wool.

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