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Ban the inhumane tethering of animals in Washington State

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This petition is a call to action to keep all animals safe from a life on a chain. In nearly every state in the US it is illegal to tether a dog to a stationary object for an extended period of time; and for good reason: forcing an animal to live at the end of a chain is inhumane. In Washington state there are laws preventing the tethering of dogs in such a way, as well as confining "pet" animals in a space where they are at risk of dying from extreme heat or cold. But what about the all other animals who are being forced to live at the end of a chain? What about all the other animals who have no choice but to be exposed to the elements day after day, year after year because their owner has them tied up to a stationary object and therefor unable to find shelter from the elements? 

I recently witnessed and tried to help two goats in a rural town in Washington State who are currently being forced to live their lives on short ropes tied to tree trunks. According to neighbors the goats have been tied in the exact same spots for about 6 months. They have NO SHELTER even though there is 12 inches of snow on the ground and the winter temperatures in the area are often below freezing and at times below zero degrees. I called the sheriff to do an animal welfare check but the sheriff said that since the goats have food and water the owner is not breaking any laws.

This needs to change. These two goats are not the only non-dog, non-pet animals being forced to live in such a way. Please help make it illegal to keep all animals (meaning EVERY non-human animal, not just "pets") tethered for "no longer than is necessary for the owner to complete a temporary task that requires the animal to be restrained."

All animals should have the freedom to find safety and shelter as well as mental and physical stimulation in their environment. No animal kept on the end of a chain can do so. 

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