Paid 4th Trimester Leave for Washington Parents

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Mothers in Washington State are faced with a hard decision when it comes to having children.  Every mother has enough on their mind during their pregnancy and the first months of their child's life: What hospital to have their child born at? What medical care do they want in their birth plan? Their mother-in-law wants to be in the room during the birth, how does she feel about that?
Simply because we live in Washington State, (easily one of the more advanced states in technology, home of Microsoft, Amazon and Boeing), new mothers are faced with the decision of how to care for their home and newborn child once they are born.
Because Washington State does not govern paid parental leave for new parents (much less adoptive parents or same sex parents) are faced with the decision of how much unpaid time off they can afford while recovering physically from child birth and any time to bond with their child.
I encourage our representatives to seriously consider funding for parents to have paid parental leave in Washington State.  The benefits to the parents and children are endless.
I have done the research and in order for this petition to become reality I need actual signatures, online won't do it. I can email or Facebook message you the pdf for you to sign if you would like to be a part of this.
Although I appreciate the support for anyone anywhere, only Washington State registered voters can sign the petition for it to move forward.