Hindus Excluded From Gov Inslee's Conference of Faith Leaders on 5/27/20

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Dear Gov. Inslee: 

The Alliance for Persecuted Peoples Worldwide (APPWW) joins the over 100,000 Hindu Americans from across Washington State to express our disappointment with your actions. Hindus and Hindu Americans were excluded from your inter-faith conference on May 27th to announce the re-opening of religious places of worship during this COVID-19 pandemic. 

Our brothers and sisters of the Christian, Jewish and Muslim faith were pleased to see their faith leaders share their contributions to our communities. The words of their faith leaders offered them hope and encouragement. The followers of the world’s oldest living faith, Hinduism were saddened and felt discriminated against by your office for being left out. 

Hindu organizations such as Sankara Healthcare Foundation, SEWA International, Hindus For America and many Hindu temples like the VEDA Temple and others have been serving our local communities in this time of crisis – serving thousands of meals in shelters, in hospitals and clinics for frontline responders, delivering meals, conducting food drives, sewing and delivering medical masks and much more. Sankara Healthcare has served over 10,000 plant-based meals in shelters across America, SEWA has served over 60,000 meals and Hindus for America has served over 3000 meals – here in WA as well as across the nation. 

Hindu temples and organizations such as the Kanchi Kamakoti Seva Foundation Inc. and VEDA have been hosting mass prayers for the well-being of everyone in our local communities and around the world. Our state is diverse and there are many Hindu temples serving the spiritual needs of our Hindu citizens.   

We find it appalling and discriminatory that your office did not consider inviting even a single one of the Hindu faith leaders to speak to those of Hindu faith in WA. 

As you are aware, the contributions of Hindus and Hindu Americans to our state as well to our nation is not to be ignored – the majority of them contributing through technology skills, entrepreneurship, medicine, research and education just to name a few. 

We expect your office to acknowledge this oversight and arrange for a meeting so your office and APPWW leadership can help find ways to ensure this does not happen again in WA or in America. 

We can be reached by email at wa_leadership@appww.org 

Board of Directors 
Alliance for Persecuted Peoples Worldwide