Allow Live Entertainment During Phase 2 and Phase 3

Allow Live Entertainment During Phase 2 and Phase 3

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In Washington State Phase 2 allows businesses with a restaurant license to open at 50% capacity. Many entertainment venues, including Tacoma and Spokane Comedy Clubs, fall into this category. Five weeks after restaurants were given the green light to open, Governor Inslee has declared there will be No Live Entertainment in Phase 2 and 3

These entertainment venues are just like restaurants in almost EVERY SINGLE WAY. We have movable tables with chairs. We serve food and drinks. We pay for a license through the WSLCB and Health Board that calls us a Restaurant. The only difference is we have an entertainer that is the focus of the evening. 

We are able to maintain strict social distancing guidelines seating our customers, our staff are wearing masks at all times, customers are wearing masks, except while eating, everyone that comes through the doors has their temperature checked, we are thoroughly sanitizing, and following all recommended guidelines including capacity restrictions. 

We are being told the reason why live entertainment is not allowed is the state is trying to discourage gatherings. However, when we have a restaurant license and fall into every other restaurant category, we should be allowed to simply have a performer as long as we are following all of the other guidelines. 

If the concern is the number of people in one space then a policy should be made for all restaurants in regards to the number of customers at any given time. There are nights that our comedy club will have less guest in attendance than many of the restaurants within 5 miles from us. 

Telling us we cannot open affects a lot of people. It affects our employees, which in turn affects their families. It affects local artists and entertainers who are not getting paid to perform. It also affects the community by taking away an option to escape and laugh for 2 hours while safely doing so. 

We understand COVID-19 is a deadly disease. We want to do our part to help slow the spread. We can do that by following all of the guidelines you have put in place for restaurants. Allow us to do that. Allow us to feed our families.