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Stop the use of inhumane leghold traps in Pennsylvania

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Pennsylvania needs to step up and join other states in BANNING the use of dangerous and inhumane leghold traps.

Leghold traps are not only extremely inhumane and barbaric when used on wildlife, but they can also be dangerous and deadly to domestic animals and pets alike. States like Arizona, California, Colorado, Rhode Island and Washington have already made these barbaric torture devices illegal. Countless animals suffer needlessly at the steel jaws of these horrific devices.

Leghold (or Foothold) traps are designed to snap shut on the leg of an animal capturing it and keeping it restrained until which time it can be caught and killed by the hunter or released. Oftentimes traps are set for larger animals, but cold steel jaws do not distinguish between the hoof of a deer, the foot of a child, or the paw of your pet cat or dog, and domestic animals end up severely injured, maimed or even killed. 

Consider the story of Inky: 
On December 06, 2017, a small black cat named Inky showed up at her caretakers feeding station to eat as usual. Sadly, she was dragging a leghold trap with her. Her caretakers quickly caught her and rushed her to Frankie's Friends clinic. The trap was 11oz and poor Inky was only 4lbs. Unfortunately, Inky's front leg could not be saved, but she was lucky enough to be found and received medical attention quickly enough that she didn't die from an infection. 

Unfortunately, many animals are not as fortunate as Inky and will suffer and die slowly and painfully; needlessly at the hands of these horrific death traps. Even one life lost is too many. We must to put a stop to the use of leghold traps in Pennsylvania! 

Please Sign and Share this petition to encourage our law makers to make Pennsylvania a safer place for animals again and BAN LEGHOLD TRAPS!

Photo Credit: Frankie's Friends

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