Re-Investigate Devyn Kyle for the Abuse & Murder of 3-year old, Jayda Kyle

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On November 28th, Jayda Kyle was found unresponsive on her bedroom floor by her mother (Devyn Kyle) and boyfriend (Jalen Vaden). A “Prayers for Jayda” page (as well as a GoFundMe account) was promptly setup for Jayda, keeping everyone informed about the 3 year old girl’s medical condition. On the initial post on the “Prayers for Jayda” page, it was reported by Jayda’s mother (Devyn Kyle), that her boyfriend, Jalen Vaden, performed CPR on Jayda and “got her breathing again”.

Fast forward one week later and Jalen was suddenly arrested for child abuse resulting in the death of the 3 year old, Jayda. From that point forward Devyn Kyle’s story and whereabouts from that evening changed several times, yet she was cleared of any wrongdoing by Carl Junction Police within 24 hours, and it was reported that there was a confession by Jalen Vaden.

It is believed that Devyn Kyle not only put the child in danger, but potentially abused Jayda in the past, as well as the evening she (Jayda) was supposedly “found unresponsive”. It is also believed that she (Devyn Kyle) used the “Prayers for Jayda” Facebook page as a means to mislead the public about her involvement in the tragic death of her 3 year old daughter. Additionally, there is reason to suspect that Jalen Vaden was potentially coerced into an alleged “confession” by investigators.

Devyn Kyle’s latest story has been that she heard nothing that evening and saw no signs of abuse, on that evening or anytime prior to that. It is to be noted that Devyn’s father, Judd McPherson, is an attorney in the Joplin area, and has very close ties to many local law enforcement officers. Carl Junction Chief of Police, Delmar Haase, is also a long-time friend of Devyn’s father (Judd McPherson), and was responsible for clearing Devyn of any wrongdoing in the death of Jayda Kyle.

Quite frankly, there are too many holes in this case and it needs to be re-investigated. If local authorities are incapable of conducting a thorough investigation in seeking justice for the death of 3 year old, Jayda Kyle, then it would be more than necessary for state and federal authorities to step in.

“Justice for Jayda” is not going to bring back that beautiful, 3 year old girl, who was so viciously beaten, but it can potentially help correct a system that is so flawed. We must show child abusers, and anyone who tries to protect them, that it will not be tolerated. There’s no amount of money, no title, and no particular class of people that should ever walk freely in the murder of a 3 year old child.

Justice will be served to all those involved.

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