Bring Alycia Debnam Carey (Lexa) Back in The 100

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Lexa was an amazing person who only wanted peace between everyone. She was a good person. She did not deserve to die by an accident.

She was beloved by lots of people around the world, and she was not just a character of a tv show. She was an icon for the LGBTQI community and a role model who encouraged peace between the people.

We all agree that we need to see less violence on television and more love.

She wanted to stop war and bring peace all around. Isn't that a beautiful message to send all over the world?

That message that passed through this season was like: "we must have war to finally have peace" which, is a totally wrong concept.

How do we suppose to change if even TV shows send us this kind of messages?

By the way she's also a talented, caring and beautiful young actress who deserve better: she needs to be a regular character in the 100.

Let's make this happen, together.

Together we stand. 

We can do this! let's show Jason Rothenberg and the 100 writers how much Alycia meant to us all.

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