Re-evaluate Wildlife policies so less orphans die unnecessarily

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Many species of orphaned Alberta wildlife, including, black bear, grizzly bear, cougar, lynx, bobcat, elk, mountain goat, wolf and many others have been cast aside by the Alberta Government and left to die lonely, painful deaths, or simply shot on site by Fish and Wildlife for over 8 years.  Rehabbing facilities have been at the mercy of the Government, as permits for rehabbing are only given under strict conditions....

With the support and signatures of many amazing people a petition was delivered to the Legislature by MLA, Dr. David Swann in March of 2018 requesting that protocols be completed for all species that are banned under "Schedule A".  One positive change was made: black bear orphans would be allowed to be rehabilitated; however, only under certain conditions, and only with Alberta Environment and Parks having the final say with release of the cubs. Black bear cubs were rehabbed successfully for years without danger or threat to the public, yet with the direction of Environment and Parks, the first black bear cub who was allowed to be rehabbed (CHARLIE) was shot and killed 12 days after his release.  The facility who dedicated their time and money to the future of this bear cub were allowed no input into his release and have not been given details of his death.   This is Canada.  This is a Government of Democracy, yet they behave as a dictatorship.  

Unfortunately,  the mindset of the Alberta Government is to shoot now, and not ask any questions.  As recently as July 8, 2019, two black bear cubs were orphaned in Valley View, Northern Alberta, as the mother was shot before the civilian realized she had cubs (very common).  A phone call was made to Fish and Wildlife and the instructions were to shoot the cubs.  WHY?  Black bear cubs are now allowed to be rehabilitated.  Clearly the Government does not respect the lives of these orphans.

We are simply asking that the new Minister of Environment and Parks create an Advisory Committee of MLA's and other experts who may advise him regarding wildlife policies as soon as possible.  The fates of wildlife should no longer be dictated by a small group of people who support trophy hunting and have no direct experience with rehabilitation of wildlife.

Thank you so much for your support.