Stop the UCP LGBTQ policy

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On April 16th we the people of Alberta overwhelmingly choose to elect a UCP government. We did so to support our energy sector. We choose to lend the UCP our support because we believe that Jason Kenney can save our economy. However, as Albertans we refuse to regress socially or to stand by as queer people face discrimination. Human rights are not a issue that we will go back on. We the people call on our premier designate to remove any Homophobic aspects of the UCP platform. To declare the lgbtq+ people will be protected under this government. We the people demand that GSA legislation remain in place to protect queer youth from violence and homelessness.We demand that sex education be a tool to educate all young people not a means to shame queer youth or to teach homophobia to their peers. We the people demand that any MLA who engages in Homophobic practices be expelled from government. Mr. Kenney we can have a conservative province focused on economic prosperity without allowing another generation of students being taught homophobia in our schools. Every person in our province deserves to live free without discrimination and prejudice. If you insist on making our fellow citizens suffer we will fight back with every tool available in this beautiful country.