Stopping New Pipelines and Oil Trains in Alberta

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Getting fossil fuels to consumers relies on a network of pipelines and, increasingly, railroads. All that transportation adds another risky layer to the process. Pipelines, oil tankers, and oil trains can leak and explode, a terrible risk to the health and well being of our communities and our environment. By stopping new pipelines and oil trains, we’re moving toward a cleaner, safer future for everyone. 

Everyone has to start somewhere, if we start by stopping new pipelines in Alberta which is the heart of oil networks in Canada, we are making a progressive change towards complete abandon of oil networks to stop fossil fuels completely and save our planet of green from greenhouse gases!

People keep talking about how our failure to tend to the Earth’s needs now will lead to problems and missed opportunities for the future generations. But what people don’t realize is that WE are the future generation. Only 4 years ago, the infamous Prince Ea had predicted the Amazon’s fall, and was apologizing to the future generations as if that was going to be rare footage to be shown to the future generation 100 years later, but really, it was becoming a reality just 4 years later. Hardly. If we want to stop this, NOW is the time! And if a simple signing of a name and email can stop our planet from being destroyed then what do we have to lose?