(AISH) Assured Income for the Severely Handicapped recent changes

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Jason Kenney recently changed the payment date for AISH to the 1st of every month excluding weekends/holidays instead of 3-4 days before a new month.

I'd appreciate if he could change the payment date to maybe the 25th of each month because the new date has created a inconvenience in making necessary purchases.

For Example, you purchased a bus pass for the month of March and it is now getting close to April. So you are about to head to the store to buy your next monthly bus pass until you realize you don't have enough money. You then wait until April 1st and also realize that your March bus pass is no longer valid which means you have to pay $3.50 for a bus ticket to go buy your new April monthly bus pass or you would be scrambling around to find another way to get the bus pass without wasting money.

I wouldn't like to waste $3.50 on a bus ticket to go buy my monthly bus pass. I rather use the $3.50 for 2LT of milk.

AISH clients usually get $1,685.00 a month. Some clients are often left with $0.00 in their bank account until their next benefit date because AISH sometimes can't pay for clients medical expenses so clients pay for the expenses out of pocket plus clients have other bill payments to pay.

This has caused an overall inconvenience for people who rely on AISH for the purchase of their necessities.
Some examples of things we really need to pay for include childcare payments, rent, groceries especially for people with dietary restrictions, and more.

Many of these examples have deadlines which often fall at the end of the month.

My overall goal for this petition is to change the AISH payment date back to what is was or 1 specific date for example on the 25th of each month which will give us time to pay any bills we owe before the new month comes