Reinstate Environmental Monitoring in Alberta, Canada

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The Alberta Provincial government of Jason Kenney and the UCP has suspended environmental rules governing the oil and gas industry in Alberta together with abandoning environmental rules in the coal strip mines near the border with Jasper National Park.

This happened, curiously, when the Province of Alberta started lifting restrictions on citizens imposed as a response to the Covid 19 pandemic.

The indigenous people who are surrounded by oil sands plants at Ft. McKay Alberta were not consulted on this.

Another instance where it is evident that oil and gas corporations really "call the shots" in Alberta.

Removing Environmental monitoring and reporting is UnAlbertan and UnCanadian!

Please Email Premier Jason Kenney

and tell him that!

Convey your concerns for Alberta's environment and how these environmental monitoring suspensions make a mockery of the claim that Alberta oil is "ETHICAL OIL"