8 December 2020
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Started by Louisa Rodwell


Redbridge Council are proposing to build 103 residential units and demolish some existing (lived in) properties and garages on the Little Gearies estate in Barkingside and we are asking Redbridge Council to refuse planning permission for the proposed application (ref:3414/20) in order to stop this overdevelopment.

The proposed development at Little Gearies is extremely concerning due to its density, loss of green space, lack of parking provision, height of some of the blocks and with this the potential for neighbours to be overlooked. Private tenants are also fearful with no clear commitment to be re-housed by the Council after their homes have been demolished and will also be a lower priority than council tenants.

The agreed Local Plan (March 2018) states that the number of homes for development on the Little Gearies site was 30 however now this proposal has increased the provision of 30 to 103 dramatically increasing the density of development and overcrowding the estate. From a quality-of-life perspective it will be unfair for both existing and new residents. What will result is a cramped and overpopulated environment, where blocks will be separated by small gardens, narrow walkways and parked vehicles.

Green space on Little Gearies is widely used by adult residents and their children particularly during the non-winter months and this will be lost. During the pandemic it has been widely documented that green space is very important in contributing to the positive mental health of people, however this seems to be overlooked by the Council for residents in Little Gearies.

There is no allocated parking for those seeking to live in the 6 storey blocks of flats. They will most likely still have cars and therefore these new residents will either park unscrupulously, destroying what little is left of the green on Little Gearies, causing obstructions for the elderly, disabled and both delivery and emergency services vehicles attending the site; or they will find alternative places in neighbouring side roads and Cranbrook Road to park their vehicles exacerbating any parking issues there. There could potentially be at least 80 new cars with owners living on the estate, many of whom will not be able to park near their homes and some residents may have more than 1 car.

The height of the two 6 storey blocks of flats to be built by Cranbrook Road will block out sunlight and cause overshadowing for the lower levels and those existing flats which are a maximum of three storeys. These new homes with elevated balconies and windows will overlook properties in Southwood Gardens and show clear sightlines when the trees are not in leaf; they will also overlook lower-level gardens and bedrooms on the estate causing loss of privacy. Similarly, the 4 storey bookend buildings will also cause a loss of privacy.

The impact of the two 6 storey blocks will set a new precedent of high-rise buildings in this area, and in an estate currently limited to three storeys. This again will detract from the suburban character of the Barkingside Ward. To note, previous private developer applications submitted for high rise development were rejected by the Council as they were over 3 storeys and not in keeping with the local area.

With such an increased population through this overdevelopment on the Little Gearies estate there will be additional traffic on the estate using the access roads, potentially increased anti-social behaviour and additional pressures on already overstretched local services such as GPs, hospitals, dentists and local schools.


We are asking Redbridge Council to refuse planning permission for application 3414/20 – “Demolition of properties 73-83 and garages. Erection of 103 residential units” put forward by itself.

To be clear residents are not saying no to ANY development and theoretically support development on the Little Gearies estate to contribute to the number of social homes desperately needed in Redbridge, but it MUST be a smaller and more sympathetic development WITH proper consultations with all residents who live on the estate and neighbouring roads from the outset – however the process must start from scratch and therefore the application (3414/20) at present must be refused.


I'm a resident of the Little Gearies Estate and I am creating this petition on behalf of many friends and neighbours who are seriously concerned and fearful about the overdevelopment on the estate as well as the flawed vision the council has towards our local area. Some homes will be demolished and of those residents that will lose their home non council tenants have no clear commitment from Redbridge Council to be re-housed.

Additionally, the agreed Local Plan (March 2018) states “it is also necessary to ensure that people who have chosen to live in a locality with an established culture are protected from changes which would undermine that character” and this proposed overdevelopment goes against the letter and ethos of this statement as it will undermine the established character for those residents who have chosen to live in this area.


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Signatures: 3,649Next Goal: 5,000
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