We demand more security measures and mental health education at every school in Colorado!

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There are so many gun laws that have already been put in place to deter these tragedies... which one worked? Which new one is going to work? How long should we wait for a solution? How many more of OUR sons, brothers, daughters, or sisters have to die before true action is taken to protect OUR children? WE cannot continue to do nothing. The children are pleading for us to step up since Congress cannot figure it out. The creators of this petition have children and the shootings scare US and OUR children. We don't want to send our kids to school and we're not alone! Any gun control measures in place today has not stopped it, more gun control wont stop it... Kids walked out of their peers vigil because politicians showed up pushing agendas. Sadly, a few days or weeks from now no one will be talking about the shooting in Highlands Ranch not until the next shooting and nothing will have been done. Even if there was some magical gun law that would work that did not infringe upon peoples beliefs and rights, it would take time to pass... time that the next victim DOES NOT have. It's time to secure our childrens schools and protect our kids. We do it for court houses and capitol buildings and police stations. WHY NOT do it for our kids? Are their lives not worth it to the state representatives who are protected by armed security? We call on the leaders whom we have elected in the State of Colorado to protect and serve OUR children. This isn't about right or left, gun control or no gun control.. THIS is about the safety of our children and no matter what side of the fence you are on we ALL share this all to common fear. Thoughts and prayers are always welcome and appreciated in times of tragedy and times of grief, but they're not stopping this madness. It is time to act and protect our children, teachers, and schools. It's time to implement more security measures. Some of the schools have SRO's but they are not there all of the time and many times they are assigned to several schools. A police officer needs to be assigned to each school. Every school door needs an alarm. Every teacher should have a panic button. Every school body (students) should have the right to vote within their schools if they want metal detectors. We NEED closed campuses. Once, we secure our children and make school safe again we need to continue to work together to figure out a long term solution. We need to heal our children. We DEMAND that more mental health resources and mental health education be made available immediately! They are pleading for parents to step up. LETS STAND WITH THEM, LETS GIVE THEM A VOICE! 

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Petition written on by Stacy Ravenscroft