Support Colorado High School Class Of 2020 By Postponing, Not Cancelling Graduations

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With the chaotic measures occurring right now in our world there are many mile markers and celebrations being cancelled or potentially being cancelled. Possibly one of the most important events that is on every high school senior’s mind is GRADUATION! Many other senior activities such as prom, spring sports, senior banquets and so much more are disappearing along with these milestone memories which will be tough for us seniors; yet, we understand the importance of such cancellations. Graduation however, is a momentous milestone that we all have been dreaming about and working feverishly to earn and participate in for twelve plus years. This is a once in a life time experience that we will never have an opportunity to participate in again if it is cancelled. I urge all of the educational leaders to honor the class of 2020 by figuring out an alternative date that is safe and yet still allows those of us who worked so hard to graduate high school, the ability to be honored and recognized. Let’s postpone, change venues or whatever it takes to create an in-person ceremony. I charge each person in the class of 2020 to sign this petition, forward it along to your friends and family and ask them to sign, and get the general word out that the class of 2020 would like to be honored with a graduation ceremony!