Lower College Tuition for Colorado Students Fall 2020

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The current COVID-19 situation has caused dangerous drops in our economy, and many professionals expect that we will not recover from this situation until a year or two pass. This means that the negative effects on our economy will continue to exist, such as unemployment rates. Just recently, in Colorado, more than 20,000 people filed for unemployment, and this number continues to increase. Many of these people are parents trying to provide for their children, which includes their college education.

Not to mention, many businesses are laying off minimum wage workers, where our student population often works. For example, waiters and waitresses who are students are losing their jobs. How will they be able to pay necessary bills and their education this fall? There are 251,778 students currently enrolled in Colorado. Many of these will not be graduating yet and returning in the fall to continue their education. In addition, our 2020 high school seniors will be contributing to this population as well when they attend college this fall.

As a community, we need to help our students continue to succeed and obtain an education. We ask our Colorado leaders, especially our governor Jared Polis, to help our students be able to afford college this August. This virus is slowing life down and hitting our economy hard. A lot of our families will struggle to put our students through college in August. Governor Polis, help our students afford the college education they worked so hard for and don’t let a virus deter them from succeeding.