No-Knock Warrants are Costing Lives. End No-Knock Warrants!

No-Knock Warrants are Costing Lives. End No-Knock Warrants!

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Started by Hunter Parnell

In a state that has a "Make My Day Law", No-Knock Warrants place both the occupant and the Police executing the warrant at grave risk.

In 1985, Colorado made clear that people have the right to defend their property with deadly force if they reasonably believe intruders are committing a crime or will use force against them. This right to defense does not extend when a law enforcement officer is conducting a lawful search warrant. If officers are conducting a No-Knock Warrant, how can it be reasonably expected that an untrained, frightened civilian will be able to know it is Police entering the house?

In 1999, Ismael Mena was killed by Denver Police executing a No-Knock Warrant at the wrong address. 21 Years later, Louisville PD executed a No Knock warrant at the apartment of Kenneth Walker and Breonna Taylor. Kenneth Walker, unaware the intruders were Police, opened fire. The police defended themselves by returning fire and Breonna Taylor was killed in the exchange of bullets.

Police officers were fired upon because the occupants were exercising their rights to defend themselves in their own homes. This is a right the founders of the country and the governments of both Colorado and Kentucky recognize as truly foundational. We cannot recognize the rights of civilians to be secure and armed in their homes, while demanding they be able to distinguish between a lawful and unlawful intruder. 

While No-Knock Warrants do potentially provide for the preservation of evidence of a crime, the State of Colorado currently stands at odds with itself. As previously stated, Colorado currently champions the right to self-defense through deadly force in the home with the "Make My Day" Law. In doing so Colorado, through gross negligence, creates an opportunity for unnecessary deadly force to be exchanged between a person empowered to defend their home and the Police obligated to defend themselves.

This paradox in law cannot continue. The State of Colorado must not continue to create the opportunity for chaos and confusion to lead to tragic death and despair. As long one can bear arms and protect ones self through the use of deadly force, Police must announce themselves prior to entry.

We must learn from the tragedy happening around the country. Honor the memory of Breonna Taylor, Ismael Mena, and those whose lives have ended because of a solvable paradox in State law. End No-Knock Warrants.

3,564 have signed. Let’s get to 5,000!