Aurora Police Officer DUI

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Police should be held to the same standard of the law of civilians, actually,  a higher standard than civilians. A police officer in Aurora , Colorado , Nate Meier was found drunk and unresponsive in an un-marked police car on March 29th, 2019. The engine was running, the car was in gear, his foot was on the brake petal, was in uniform and had a weapon on him. First responders were unable to wake him and had to break a window to remove him from the vehicle. According to the reports, Aurora Police Department officers reported smelling an odor of an" unknown alcoholic beverage" on the scene. This officer violated over four police department policies including alcohol impairment , but was not charged with a DUI. The Chief of Police, Nick Metz, currently stands by his decision to not punish the officer involved because he is "taking the steps to right his wrongs and there should be a balance between discipline and support." This is absolutely unacceptable and as a community, we should not stand for this. Nate Meier committed an inexcusable crime as Colorado is a ZERO TOLERANCE STATE, and he should be charged and treated as any other civilian would. Please sign this petition to have Nate Meier charged with Driving under the influence, and removed from his position as an officer with the Aurora Police Department.