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Huffman should cast his superdelegate vote according to the will of California voters.

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Democracy vs. Superdelegates. Even though California has not yet held its primary election, more than half of the superdelegates from California, including the 2nd Congressional District’s member of Congress, Jared Huffman, have already pledged their support to Hillary Clinton.

From the Congressman's Facebook page (3/31/16), "Even though I have endorsed Secretary Clinton and expect her to be the nominee, if Senator Sanders were to win a majority of pledged delegates at the polls then he would become the Democratic nominee at the convention -- and he would have the support of superdelegates like me."

Voting with the majority of the nation isn't good enough.

As a representative for California's North Coast, Congressman Huffman should announce that he will defer his choice for who to pledge his superdelagate vote until after the primary election in June; he should cast his vote for whichever candidate carried California's primary, and— as a superdelegate — vote accordingly at the 2016 Democratic National Convention.

Superdelegates make up 15% of the total (and 30% of the majority needed to win the nomination) who will cast ballots in July at the Democratic National Convention.

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