Livingston Parish Fair: Stop Giving Away Pets as Prizes!

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We, the undersigned, strenuously object to the Livingston Parish Fair giving away animals as prizes, and we plan to boycott this year’s event and have encouraged others to do the same. 

Humane societies have documented that many of these pets (iguanas, rabbits, turtles, ducklings, and miniature pigs) given away as prizes are often subjected to harsh treatment. Many are injured, abandoned, and denied proper care by their new owners. These pets require special feed, adequate space and time, which the new owner may not have. An iguana, for example, can be given away to a child of any age. Iguanas can grow to be five feet or more and live to be at least 20 years. They require a large enclosure, such as a terrarium, with different levels and a leafy, green diet mixed with special pelleted reptile feed. They will need a heat lamp, water bowl, and water bottle. Rabbits will need large, predator-proof enclosures, pellets, timothy hay, regular hay, and a water bottle.All these pets will also need a health check and annual vaccinations, which adds to the expense of caring for them. The cost for these items is not insignificant.

To save on the expense of these new pets, some owners dump them in open fields or parks, surrender them to over-crowded public shelters, or simply neglect them until they die.  To reduce the suffering and likely death of these wonderful creatures, we ask that your Parish fair offer toys and stuffed animals as prizes. When you make this change, we will be happy to visit and support the Livingston Parish Fair and publicize it on social media. At present, we are using social media to promote a boycott of your event because of your live pet prize policy.