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The Illegal Whaling Must Stop!

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The Japanese government, even after a ruling by the UN, said it would continue its practice of whaling.


Whaling is the practice of hunting or killing whales for their oil, meat, and/or whalebone. Whaling each year takes about 1,400-1,500 whale lives each year. Another 30,000 die because of fishing activities. Japan is responsible for nearly 900 of these whales' deaths, and continues to kill even more. 


Without whales, the entire oceanic food chain would collapse, wich would cause fish-consuming land animals to die off, which eventually could wipe out the human race, unless we evolve fast enough to these new conditions. Whales may seem giant, but really they are just humble creatures that have suffered for far too long. We have gathered you all here because we've seen other victories. This time, we'd like a victory for the whales. Japan will continue its practice of whaling in 2015, unless we do something about it. Tell Japan the illegal whaling must stop!

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