Fukushima - we have had enough!!!!!!! 5 Million signatures required!!

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Want to make a difference for your kids and theirs?  Then something has to be done around the Global disaster that is Fukushima.

I for one have had enough!!!!

The straw that finally got me to act:  http://enenews.com/fury-at-fukushima-over-1-billion-pounds-of-nuclear-waste-will-be-dumped-into-sea-top-official-the-decision-has-already-been-made-the-solution-is-to-pour-the-radioactive-liquid-into-t

This effectively has the ability to further kill what is left of the oceans across this planet.  From where our fresh water comes from.

Enough, Japan's Prime Minister, Tepco Management and the Secretary of the United Nations Enough!

Call Fukushima, what it is, an international global species threatening event, that calls for world attention now.  This slow moving lava like global killer has been swept under the carpet for long enough.

In making my vote, I

1. Call for not more waste of any nature to be dumped into any ocean anywhere.  I demand for any plan to do so, to cease immediately.

2.  A fully transparent and independent team to investigate and make public what the real issues of Fukushima are, and what the recommendations for rectifying these issues are planned to be.

3. A lift of the ban currently in place over the Japanese media on reporting on Fukushima to the world.

4. Transparency.  I call for all actions at Fukushima to be made public, on behalf of my generation, my children's generation and those that follow.

I have had enough! 

I look forward to your reply with urgency.