Stop Japan starting commercial whaling next year 2019

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Japanese are about to continue killing thousands of innocent whales in the summer of 2019, and we need to stop them. In Japan, whale meat is even used in pet foods but Japanese people barely eat whales, but they still hunt them.

Japan says the whale population has recovered enough to resume commercial hunting, and the IWC has become more like an opponent of whaling than an organization aiming for sustainability. Astrid Fuchs, program manager for Whale and Dolphin Conservation told National Geographic Japan's decision could have global ramifications.  Ms. Fuchs says Japan carries great influence in other whaling countries, and its withdrawal from the IWC could encourage South Korea and Russia to make the same move.

The IWC imposed a commercial moratorium in 1986 due to a dwindling whale population, which Japan was a part of. To combat the loss of whale meat, Japan switched to what it calls research whaling. The research program was criticized as a cover for commercial hunting as the meat was still sold in stores.

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