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Japan Slaughtering Dolphins for Sport needs to Stop!


Why does Japan allow their people to slaughter Dolphins one of the worlds most intelligent species on the planet next to humans? We shouldn't sit back and just watch Japan slaughter Dolphins just because they say it is a tradition. It's not a tradition for them because the tradition for Japan used to be Whales now that they can no longer hunt Whales they move onto another sea creature.
Besides, Dolphin meat is highly toxic to the human body since of the high mercury levels in the meat that go way over what the FDA approves daily. So not only is Japan slaughtering Dolphins for sport but they are now killing their own people slowly because high levels of mercury in your system can prove to be fatal especially if you are sick with the common cold or flu.
The worst part of it all is that they kill the Dolphins in inhumane ways. The Japanese people will tie a knot around the Dolphins tail fin and hang them upside down which will slowly rip apart the spinal cord because the dolphins weight is about three hundred pounds out of the water but almost nothing in the water. And people who study Dolphins for a living say that the Dolphins are aware of their spinal cord and can feel the pain until death.
Another way they kill the Dolphins is they slit their throat open and let them slowly bleed out. Not only is that inhumane but it is cruel against any type of intelligent species. The worst part of it all is that they do this in public so kids walking to school can see the Dolphins struggling to live as the killers just watch as if nothing is happening.
Japan's Government has told the world that we all need to stay out of this but enough is enough because this can destroy the life cycle if this is allowed to continue. Japan's main argument is that they are controlling them because they are becoming pest. Well, then Hitler back in World War II must have just been trying to control the breakout of pest of people he did not like. This is the same just like killing humans. An intelligent creature like the Dolphin should not be hunted down and killed in many inhumane ways because it is not right for humans to treat everything like they are better then them. We must tell Japan to stop or face severe consequences.

Letter to
Japan Japan's Dolphin Drive Hunting
I just signed the following petition addressed to: Japan's Dolphin Drive Hunting.

Prime Minister of Japan, we the people from around the world have signed this petition to ask you to please stop killing Dolphins and other sea creatures.

Dolphins are a very intelligent species and so be treated as such and just killing them cruel is not going to do any good for the world. And do you really want your people to be there to take the blame on killing Dolphins.

Even the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has stated that eating Dolphin meat can be potentially harmful to the human system since it has more Mercury in the meat than the human body is allowed to have in a day. So not only are you killing Dolphins cruelly but you are also potentially killing your own people.

Don't kill your people and stop killing Dolphins. Thank You.


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