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Stop Anti-Piracy Law on Anime and Manga

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On July 28, Japan's Government started an Anti-Anime/Manga movement that will remove many titles from 580 foreign sites that published anime and manga without permission from the original creators. Japan wants foreign anime and manga fans to pay hundreds of yen to watch anime on a ligament site that only offers only a few out of all the anime that was released before. The movement will start on August 1; this maybe late to be made, but it is possible to soften the damage somewhat. They might be successful in the beginning, but the pirates will grow back and it will get ugly again. The pirates are like the mutli-headed dog Cerberus, you just can't remove one and be done, you have the other few to many heads to be taken care of. Even though you say you lose billions of yen annually, you will be losing even more because there are still many supporters that pay to watch anime. This movement is going to hurt the Japanese Government more than it is going to help it. 

Please share with all friends if possible and use #AMAGA (anti-manga-anime guardians act)

(For a list of sites refer to this PDF and go to page 11)


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