The Aniya Law: Emergency removal of minors in imminent danger.

The Aniya Law: Emergency removal of minors in imminent danger.

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Mickhal Garrett started this petition to State Representative Janine R. Boyd and

The Aniya Law

We the undersigned demand for child protection laws to include emergency removal of minors in imminent danger.

The tragic case of Aniya Day-Garrett brings to light the need for a statewide change in Ohio’s Department of Children and Family Services process and procedures concerning the handling of the reported abuse of minors. Statewide legal provisions are urgently needed to allow specific-designated representatives to take emergency action to save abused children that are injured or in imminent danger.


We are demanding our Government officials to consider the “Aniya Law,” to assure the safety of all children.

Under the Aniya Law, we’re asking that the following protocols be implemented:

  • If a minor is thought to be injured and/or in immediate danger of physical harm or death, it should be considered an emergency. Law enforcement, designated school officials, and care givers should be legally allowed to request a 24-72-hour hospital admittance to allow time for a medical examination, treatment, interviews, and a determination by the Department of Children and Family Services on if the child should be removed from their home.
  • An emergency visit to a home when an urgent call is received, accompanied by a thorough interview and physical evaluation of the subject minor with a thorough investigation of the home. 
  • In the case that the subject minor is not made present, impart citations on all adults in the home with a 24-hour window to take minor to the nearest hospital for a full evaluation.
  • Emergency removal of a child from a resident, displaying signs of abuse until further investigation.
  • Stricter penalties for Department of Children and Family Services representatives who do not follow laws and statutes, or perceived to be acting in favor of the offending parent, guardian, or caregiver.
    Mental evaluations completed on foster parents periodically
  • Mandate on the number of case workers based on population
  • A required child abuse registry

Without the Aniya Law, children will continue to suffer from abuse and death in silence.

 Aniya’s Story

On March 11, 2018, four-year-old Aniya Garrett was tragically taken from her family. Paramedics found her unresponsive with scald marks on her feet and legs, a bruised left eye and a cut on her face. Aniya died of a stroke triggered by blunt force trauma delivered to the emaciated and scarred girl's head while in the care of Sierra Day, and her boyfriend, Deonte Lewis.

During the last year, Aniya’s biological father, Mickhal Garrett pursued full custody through the courts, but was continuously met with delays due to legal procedures and the actions of Sierra Day, which included her absence at mandatory court dates and the avoidance of the child appearing in public.

Reports of abuse were reported by relatives, Aniya’s daycare, Aniya’s father and Aniya called 911 to report abuse. In each case, Sierra Day was given custody of the child. Children and Family Services investigated three reports alleging abuse against Aniya in 2017, but the agency did not find cause to remove her from the home.

We’re calling the Governor, State Legislatures, and the Federal Government to act and institute uniform national child protection laws applicable across the nation.


0 have signed. Let’s get to 50,000!
At 50,000 signatures, this petition becomes one of the top signed on!