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Tell Council Members to Fix the Process that Failed Moorpark and Drove Away Apricot Lane

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The greatly anticipated farm-to-table restaurant, marketplace and microbrewery project that had all Moorpark residents excited about the prospect of revitalizing downtown High Street has sadly come to an end due to ongoing delays, costly adjustments, changing demands, inconsistent communication, and lack of trust. 

After making a significant financial investment and spending over a year to get their project off the ground, Apricot Lane Farms decided not to proceed.  They expressed concern that even if they did complete the project, other small businesses would not be able to endure the existing process needed to open new businesses there.  This would leave them to flounder in the center of a dilapidated downtown area that continues to rot away and that few want to spend time visiting.

At the City Council meeting on June 7th, hundreds of Moorpark residents showed up to express their passion for this project to be brought to fruition and to voice their exasperation for the lack of action that has paralyzed the revitalization of High Street.  Existing High Street business owners expressed that suggestions made with hopes of cleaning up and reviving High Street to attract more foot traffic were either met with disregard or ended up falling on deaf ears, which leaves to question if the City shares the same vision for High Street as its residents.  An overwhelming desire for a unique downtown area made up of creative, unique entrepreneurial businesses and eateries conducive for people to gather and walk around was also expressed.

The Apricot Lane Farms project embraces all the elements that residents want and would provide the ideal anchor for the rebirth of High Street.  Their concept for revitalizing High Street not only respected, but strived to embrace the agricultural history and culture of the town.  It created the perfect setting for bringing the community together and would have energized the area into a thriving vibrant meeting spot for people of all ages, something that is much needed in Moorpark.  

Please sign this petition to ask the Moorpark City Council to take the necessary steps to revive the Apricot Lane Project and bring it to fruition. 

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