Keep Corey Ater behind bars- he is dangerous!

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Corey Ater of Bath, Maine is behind bars due to extreme domestic violence. He kidnapped his estranged wife at knife point and held her hostage for 16 hours ( along with her then 3 year old daughter) For 16 hours he tortured her, and his goal was clearly to end her life. She fortunately escaped after 16 long hours of abuse but not without scars that will last her and that little girl a lifetime.  Laws and protection orders did not keep him from committing this cruel and violent act, he was not at all worried about the consequences. If he is released his ex wife and her children will never be safe. We, the signers of this petition stand UNITED against his release . We stand united against Domestic Violence and we expect the  elected officials of our state to stand with us. Do not release this dangerous psychopath into our state. Do not disrupt the lives of this woman and her kids who feel safe and have rebuilt their lives. His right to a speedy trial does NOT outweigh her right to live and feel safe.