Bring The Janosky Kids Home

Bring The Janosky Kids Home

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Charlie Janosky started this petition to Governor Janet Mills and

A petition has been created to help bring the Janosky kids home and to receive answers and support from the state of Maine.

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Here is my story -

It’s been a whole calendar year. A year ago today was the last time I have seen my children, the last time my children were at home with me. When I think about the last night I spent with my kids was at the church drive in movie. The next morning my children were removed from their home on a lake and off their bicycles on a fraudulent / false protection order that was dropped.

Maine State Police Headquarters
3 men in 3 suvs with no car seats, no female officers for two little girls, no DHHS, to a shelter / unknown location where they lived for the last few weeks of summer and the beginning of the school year.
Is that in the best interest of my children?

Now, a year later I still have no response from any officials.

❗️No response?! No court order?! No RECORDS?!❗️

It is not fair to the kids nor is it in their best interest to be taken from a loving family and safe home.

I took my kids to every doctors appointment, school every day, all after school events and my daughters cancer treatment.

A total of 1300 doctors appointments throughout 3 different states. I packed my household with my children and drove across country to get my daughter to the best hospital in the country.
My daughter, Jayla beat cancer, with me.
Team Jayla Janosky

Now I have missed my children’s birthdays and my oldest daughter, Jaylas birthday twice.

I volunteer and coach t ball and basketball for other people’s kids and can’t see my own?
I don’t think anyone would disagree that they need their daddy.
I have been silent about it for the year but now I’m not.

I can’t even do a simple wellness check on my children. Not even a simple inquiry to see what school they are in? If they are safe? A phone call?!

Now I have gone a full calendar YEAR with no order from any court and I’ve written to governors, senators, cooraported to only still be a year with the unknown.
I have been bullied and silenced❗️

Every agency in the state of maine covers it up. It is a state wide cover up. It is the states job to do something.

Why can’t I get a court order after a year????
My children are not a priority in the state of maine?

I have spent every dollar I’ve ever made in lawyer fees.
I am asking for help.

I am not perfect, I have made mistakes, I am human but the best thing I have made was spend very day making sure my children were good.

I can use support, direction and guidance.

#help #support #childabuse #fixthesystem #policekidnapkids #norecords #redacted #publicrecord #wherestherecordofaug8th2020
#copsshouldknowkidsneedscarseats #notallowedtospeak #solvethisriddle #stateofmaine

0 have signed. Let’s get to 500!
At 500 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!