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Pinellas County Commissioners: Volunteer at PCAS, in the euthanasia room, each month

By requiring each commissioner to volunteer one day a month at a Pinellas County Animal Services working directly with the animals, witnessing their needless deaths, they can understand and experience first hand how serious the pet overpopulation problem is, and that killing hundreds of healthy animals a day is not a solution, morally or financially.

A group of concerned citizens have been trying to get Pinellas County Commissioners to implement a Responsible Breeding Imperative (RBI) program to reduce the pet overpopulation problem.

The costs of housing, killing, and disposing of the ever-increasing numbers of animals have tripled and many states and counties are finding that Responsible Breeding mandates are not only saving the taxpayers lots of money, but are more humane and socially conscience.

Surely the commissioners don't think it's the animals' fault for overbreeding and overpopulation?  This is a people problem, and it needs to be fixed.

When pet owners were surveyed why their pets were not spayed/neutered, the number one reason was that they had not bothered to do it yet. Only 9% sited affordability.

All of these statistics and more were presented to the commissioners. What was the counties response? That ALL we need is more education and more low cost spay /neuter programs.  Yes, we need more low cost spay / neuter options, and there is a Pinellas County Animal Services Subcommittee working on creating more options.  But did the commissioners miss the 9% response as affordability being the reason they haven’t done it?  And we DO have many low cost options in Pinellas County where people can get their pets sterilized for prices ranging between $25 to $145.

If the commissioners spent even one day at an animal shelter, it wouldn't take them long to see that even though low cost spay/neuter is already an option, people still choose to let their animals stay intact.

The result is litters of unwanted, healthy animals killed because of owner irresponsibility, and the taxpayers picking up the tab. Healthy animals are dropped off daily because their owners can't be bothered to train them, or because the puppy grew up so they just got another one.

Without RBI, all we are doing is "pest control", with the taxpayers having no say in the matter and still picking up the tab.

Let's send a clear message to all involved that we, the taxpayers, do not want the killings to continue, but want a more viable, reasonable, and humane solution to pet overpopulation. Let's require the commissioners to spend one day a month experiencing this problem first hand, then maybe they will be compelled to make the right decision and implement RBI.

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