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I have signed many of these petitions. However, I never thought I would be writing one myself. This is my cause. My 35-year-old brother was murdered on September 25, 2013. His murder involved a conspiracy that includes seven people in Saginaw Michigan. This included three women, and four men. Each was under 30-years of age. Two of the men were brother. The events that led to my brother’s death, his closest friend murder, and the shooting of another were all the master plan of one young lady. Her name is Ashley Allen. She did not pull the trigger. However, in my opinion she was at least equally responsible because she proposed the robbery. She did with the full knowledge that the triggerman had a dangerous firearm and reference to it, “I want some action”


Her ingenious opportunistic decision to rob my brother set off a series of events that left two boys fatherless, despondent, and brokenhearted. My heart as well as my family hearts is heavy and forever affected by this horrific tragedy. We need these people to be held accountable! However, Saginaw County District attorney has offered and received a plea deal that allows Ashley Allen to serve probation… This lenient sentence is a slap in the face. It does nothing to discourage criminal conspiracy that can lead to murder. In a time and place that crime is so prevalent we need to demand equal and equitable penalties for these hideous crimes. Otherwise, we encourage deprivation, victimization, and risk the lives of our very own loved ones. Please sign my petition to urge tougher sentencing for accountabilty for the person that spearheaded the death of my brother and his friend.... Ashley Allen.


Respectfully Submitted,

Terri Johnson


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