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Revoke the budget given by Creative Scotland for The Glasgow Effect

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Earlier this year a debate opened up regarding Ellie Harrison's project The Glasgow Effect - a term used in reference to poor health found in parts of Glasgow.

In her own words, The Glasgow Effect will see Ellie "not travel outside Greater Glasgow for a whole year (except in the event of the ill-heath / death of close relative or friend)." This project is being titled - 'Sustainable practice'

The project has been given £15,000 of funding by national body Creative Scotland - an organisation who's role it is to promote the creative arts and outlets that Scotland has to offer both its own citizens and the world.

The project is inherently offensive, not simply due to the artists presumption that Glasgow is somehow removed from the rest of the world, but more so due to her use of a term which highlights some of the most vulnerable people in the nation - a portion of society that are neither representative of Glasgow's socioeconomic standing, nor a demographic that should be used as a guise of "art."

Out with the larger prejudices of the project, the artist shows her naivety about Glasgow with her use of a bag of chips as the projects artwork on Facebook. Of all the visual stimuli to use when discussing Glasgow, chips are not the first thing to jump to mind. Perhaps the Glasgow School of Art? One of our many buildings designed by Charles Rennie Mackintosh? One of our 3 universities? The City Chambers? The Necropolis? Kelvingrove Museum? One of our numerous Turner Prize winners?

The list is endless. Art and culture form the very bedrock of Glasgow - not poverty and certainly not chips...

Creative Scotland should revoke their funding immediately. Should Ellie Harrison wish to document life in Glasgow, she should do so on her own dime. Alternatively, Ellie could donate the £15,000 to a charity supporting those most vulnerable in Glasgow - and not presume their lives should be subject to dissection under a microscope.


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