Why Is The Animal Humane Society's Declawing Position On The Side of Declawing Vets?


Why Is The Animal Humane Society's Declawing Position On The Side of Declawing Vets?

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UPDATE Oct. 2021. The Animal Humane Society updated their position statement to completely condemn declawing.

Dear Animal Humane Society,

 We, the undersigned, ask you (AnimalHumaneSociety.org) to completely condemn declawing.

By doing so, you will be protecting the interest of cats instead of protecting the interests of declawing veterinarians.


The Animal Humane Society says they are one of the nation's leading animal welfare organizations.

As far as we know, they are the ONLY HUMANE SOCIETY in America that condones declawing in their official position statement.  (The AHS doesn't declaw cats in their own clinics, but they have 4 veterinary partner clinics that declaw cats for the public.)

The Animal Humane Society's declawing position statement says they oppose the declawing of cats yet at the end of it they condone this animal cruelty for the antiquated death/relinquishment or declaw excuse.

Here's their declawing position statement. AHS declawing position statement

Also, AHS has NOTHING in this declawing position statement about how declawing is bad for cats, how it is performed, and that it is a very inhumane amputation procedure.

AHS has a canine position statement and they describe how debarking, tail docking, and ear cropping are performed and they don't use the death/relinquishment excuse for condoning those inhumane dog procedures. AHS Canine Procedures Position Statement

Does the Animal Humane Society love dogs more than they love cats?

Did a declawing vet write their declawing position statement?

You can send a polite note to AHS and ask them these two questions since they won't give us an answer. AHS Contact Form

Declawing is performed routinely in many veterinary practices in America. Declawing is always inhumane and harmful to the long term health and well-being of cats.

Thousands of declawed cats are sitting in American shelters/rescues after their selfish and cruel owners ABANDONED them because of the behavioral issues they developed from having their toe bones and claws barbarically amputated.

Many of these declawed cats are euthanized because they can't find new homes.

Here's our full story about the Animal Humane Society. Animal Humane Society Story

Here is a paragraph from VCA's declawing position after they announced that they will stop declawing in all of their hospitals in February 2020.

"Studies have shown that if an owner is intolerant of a cat scratching the couch, it is likely that same owner would be intolerant of the cat not using the litter box or beginning to bite harder and with increased frequency. Why do cats stop using the litter box and begin to bite? When a cat comes home from having the declaw surgery, that cat might go to use the litter box and find the experience very painful to its recently amputated toe nubs, and then might subsequently decide never to use the box again. That same cat might also begin to bite because it feels that is the only way it can protect itself. Most owners won’t insist on declawing their cat if they understand that declawing is linked to other, far worse, behavior problems than the scratching ever was.
It is a common misconception among veterinary professionals that scratching behavior is one of the most common reasons for relinquishment of cats to shelters. Our experience and that of shelter operators has taught us differently. Other problems, house soiling and aggression, are listed as the top two behavioral reasons cats lose their homes. Scratching behavior is far down the list, right next to reasons like the cat requires too much attention, and scratching is rarely a reason given for relinquishment."

  Link to the story about VCA stopping declawing and their position statement. VCA Banned Declawing

Here's a 2021 peer reviewed study that shows that when declawing is banned there isn't an increase in cats being relinquished to shelters and euthanized. Ban on declawing study

Declawing is inhumane, barbaric, mutilating, and WRONG. It is animal cruelty!

Cats deserve better.

It's time for you to live up to your name Animal Humane Society.

We will celebrate your bravery in leading the way to a better world for cats.

Know the truth - Declawing Facts vs Myths

For more information about declawing go to the www.CitytheKitty.org


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