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Please make the skin bleaching of children illegal

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Many children around the world are damaged by the use of skin bleaching products on them by their parents/carers. Some of these products contain carcinogenic levels of the chemical Hydroquinone, others like ‘home grown’ brews use toxic materials like Mercury or Kojic acid. These children are being abused and the people selling, purchasing and applying these dangerous chemicals are committing a morally criminal act.

Since January 2001, the European Union banned the sale of cosmetic products that contain hydroquinone across Europe. This was in part a result of studies published in the British Journal of Cancer (1998) that revealed a direct link between use of hydroquinine and cell mutations leading to the occurrence of cancer.  

Sadly, thirteen years on, the EU ban has proved ineffective because online retailers like Amazon can facilitate the immoral yet ‘legal’ selling of these harmful products from overseas countries direct to UK homes.

Existing legislation with antiquated trading loopholes leave regulatory bodies such as the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) and Local Trading Standards agencies powerless to intervene with the full force of the law, this is despite them being aware of the problem.

During April 2014, in references to diseases such as oral cancer caused by tobacco Health Minister Jane Ellison said "We want our nation's children to grow up happy and healthy".

Ellison is also responsible for government politices to help more people survive cancer.

Addressing the issue of child skin bleaching requires a educational cultural shift backed by a similar legal stance as that taken against the harm caused to children through passive/ involuntary smoking in cars.

The Beauty Is Campaign calls upon the British government to pass a law prohibiting the use of all skin bleaching products on children under the age of 16.

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