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Jane Ellison MP: Host a town hall in Battersea, before casting another vote on Brexit.

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We, the constituents of Battersea, hereby petition Jane Ellison MP to hold an open-forum, in-person town hall meeting in the constituency as promptly as possible during late afternoon or evening hours to maximize attendance.

Her constituents have urgent, time-sensitive questions and concerns that they would like to discuss with her, especially in light of the way the Government is pursuing Brexit. This has caused a great deal of turmoil, uncertainty and worry among Mrs Ellison’s constituents – especially for EU nationals, their families, and those whose livelihoods depend on membership / access to the single market, and she must address these to properly represent us in Parliament.

We request that an open-forum, in-person town hall be scheduled immediately, in a location within the Battersea constituency. We request that the majority of the time be allotted to an open mic Q&A (at least 1 hour), allowing any constituent present to ask Jane Ellison questions for her to answer directly. We ask that she fulfill her duty to properly represent all of her constituents by abiding by this petition.

It is our sincere hope that this petition leads to Jane Ellison having a greater understanding of what her constituents’ concerns are. Furthermore, we hope that she makes these town hall meetings a recurring and regular method of engaging with her constituents.

Sign this petition urging Jane Ellison MP to keep her constituents informed by hosting an in-person town hall event right now. 

N.B. As a constituency Member of Parliament, Jane Ellison represents her constituents. Please only sign this if you are a constituent. You can check here to see if you are.

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