Thyroid cancer cure. They have it!! Thyroid Ethanol and Radiofrequency Ablation.

Thyroid cancer cure. They have it!! Thyroid Ethanol and Radiofrequency Ablation.

October 23, 2019
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Started by Jane Armstrong

 Spring 2019

I’ve unfortunately just recently been diagnosed with thyroid cancer. Please help me bring a tried and true cure to Canada.

Directly after gallbladder surgery I suffered throat and voice problems, including vocal cord paralysis. I felt lumps grow within my throat. An FNA ( biopsy) was performed on what are known as thyroid nodules (growths on the thyroid.)

My doctors informed me everyone has thyroid nodules now-a-days and to ignore them. Most are brought on by the changing environment and extreme stress.

The results of the thyroid nodule biopsy were delivered a few months after my gallbladder surgery. My family and I were elated the results were “benign” for cancer. I had already started searching for a cure and continued to do so in spite of the benign diagnosis.

I’ve not felt well since surgery and have lost weight/fat, especially on my hands, feet and face over the past three years, along with internal shaking and hair loss.

I’ve just recently been told those nodules, that everyone has, have turned to papillary cancer. The routine solution offered for  hyperthyroid papillary cancer is, unfortunately, to kill the thyroid with radiation or partial/full surgical removal of the thyroid gland. This the only known and routine options available. I was only offered surgical removal, complete thyroid removal highly recommended. 

Since being diagnosed, I have noticed an epidemic of thyroid removals within my social circle. Terrified and concerned, my search increased for a cure...AND I’ve found an alternative gentle procedure for cancerous and non-cancerous thyroid nodules in other countries.

This cure  does not involve surgery and saves the thyroid, returning it to normal function after fine needle ablation of the cancerous nodule. Avoiding all possible complications of surgery. 

Please help me explore and bring this tried and true (since 2006 ) non-invasive (currently conducted in hospitals abroad)  procedure (cure) to Canada to eradicate hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism thyroid cancer removal.

The thyroid controls our whole body metabolism. We need to keep this organ. Unfortunately, stress and environment are culprits to the creation of thyroid nodules which can turn cancerous. I think if everyone seems to be growing nodules we should have better solutions sourced, researched and implemented. 

Thank you for your support on  my quest to have this procedure personally done and hopefully  bring this tried and true procedure to a hospital near you. Ultrasound guided Radio Frequency Ablation for hard nodules and Ethanol Ablation for soft nodules are non-invasive procedures that have been proven since 2006 by Dr. Jung Hwan Baek and Dr. Ji-hoon Kim of the Korean Society of Thyroid Radiology. Information derived from studies published since 2001.

Thyroid cancer has increased by 144% recently. Please read the CBC article below. You could very well be next!

Cheers to cures! One step at a time. Thank you in advance for your support. 

So happy with the quick initial response to this petition. Let’s keep it going!!

A special admiration and thank you to those friends that signed who no longer have their thyroids. You are very special people to champion this procedure for future generations. An unselfish act of kindness and caring. We love you for stepping up for change. <3 <3 <3

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Signatures: 7,950Next Goal: 10,000
Support now

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