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Jamie Dimon CEO of Chase Bank: Stop the Eviction and Modify the Loan!

I was locked out of my home on Tuesday 1/22/13 after it was sold at auction by Chase Bank. They refused to modify my home loan. My story is far too common since the banks have now foreclosed on over 18 million households across the country.

In 2010 after a significant loss of income due to health related hardship I applied for a loan modification but was denied 3 times. JP Morgan Chase and Freddie Mac refused to work with me to keep my home, rather they cooperated with each other to take it. I am asking you to sign my petition to let them know you support my getting my home back.

Thank you.


Letter to
CEO, Freddie Mac Donald Layton
CEO of Chase Bank Jamie Dimon
Stop the Eviction and Modify the Loan!

Dear Jamie Dimon

I am writing in support of Nell Myhand who has been evicted because Chase Bank refused to modify her mortgage loan even though she gave evidence of hardship and willingness to work with the bank. JP Morgan Chase gave her a runaround for over 2 years, then refused to modify the loan to make it affordable, sold the home at auction and now Freddie Mac who then evicted Nell. I don’t agree with that because Chase and Freddie Mac took bailout money but you are using it to harm people like Nell and Synthia by unfairly foreclosing on their homes. I am calling on you to use your power to stop the eviction and modify the loan. Nell needs her home more than Chase Bank and Freddie Mac need one more.

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