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James Quincy, CEO of Coca Cola:

Coca Cola has always been seen as an iconic American beverage -- but now that Coca Cola is a supporter of the cruel, torturous, and barbaric bullfights -- we, the signed, will boycott your company and all of it's products. 

Perhaps the decision makers in your company did not take the time to really look into what the bullfight entails beginning with the preparation of the bull, three days before the so-called 'fight'.  The bullis drained of energy and strength with laxatives; the bulls horns are shaved down; the bull's legs are rubbed with an acidic substance to prevent genuflecting; crumpled wet newspaper is crumpled and shoved in the bull's ear canals to disorient him; a petroleum type substance is rubbed in his eyes to further disorient him and dull his vision, and lastly a cannula is inserted in his genital area to cause a distracting pain.

The above is done all BEFORE the actual bullfight begins.  Of course, there are many witnesses of what goes on in the bull arena next -- picadors atop horses with spear like weapons piercing the neck and back of the poor male cow!   This causes much suffering and bellowing --- this action literally cuts the ligaments so that the bull's head is forced forward and down.  

The bewildered bull will keep running and fighting for his life, for hours, -- dehydrated, weak from losing blood, in agony, and often they will be seen to actually cry tears as they stop and their chest heaves for breath as they begin to die. 

You cannot argue "tradition" or "art" or "sport" -- call it what it actually is --- the legal torture of an innocent animal for sadistic, blood lustful observers and for money for the bullfighting industry!  

In America we had traditions too -- slavery and witch burning - but because they were wrong, we no longer have them.  Torture is ALWAYS wrong! 

The milk of humanity is not running through the veins of the participants nor the observers and practices like this are actually bad for societies and humanity to accept.  Often the bulls ears and tails are cut off of the animal before he has the grace to die. 

As far as tourists liking the "lure of danger" to the matador fighting a bull ---- the bull ranks about number 87 out of 100 on the ranks of "fighting" animals --- old men, young boys, and women have fought and killed bulls.  Think about the thousands and thousands of bullfights that occur in all of the world's arenas--and until last year there had NOT been a death of one matador in over 40 years!  But the bulls are always killed as they are so savagely pursued, injured, and literally exhausted. 

The bulls do not, nor never would, choose to 'fight' a man with a cape --- they are taunted and made to charge, but they soon know that they are in a hopeless situation of agony and terror -- many have tried to escape the ring----they look for mercy but find none. 

This truly is a spectacle without honor, without humanity!

Please do not allow iconic American Coca Cola to be associated with anything this brutal, this ugly, and this savage. 

Please stop and tell your bottlers to stop or face the consequences of a major boycott and very bad press. 



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