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James Prindle: Help set aside the verdict pending an investigation

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 James Prindle was 15 years old when he was arrested for the sexual assault of his twenty three month old sister. This tragic event occurred in Memphis, Tennessee in August, 2010. The problem is the Memphis Police Department and the prosecutor of this case have the wrong person.

Analysis of DNA evidence at the scene shows nothing to support James having sexually assaulted his sister. Someone did, but it was not James. Nothing in James' background supports this charge either. The day this occurred, at least ten people were in and out of the home around the time of the assault, including two juveniles with multiple arrests on their records, another juvenile who admitted that he was alone with the toddler (which is also supported by James' own statement), and others.

The police never conducted a sexual assault examination on any of the suspects. The police took DNA evidence from James and some of the other people in the home at the time this took place, but they did not ask to examine James to determine if there was evidence of the assault on him. This would have provided critical and important evidence since the police were alerted soon after the sexual assault occurred. 

In a flawed trial, a jury convicted James as an adult on June 23rd, 2012. When sentenced, possibly as early as August 24th, 2012, he faces a minimum of 15 years and could receive as many as 45 years. Those who support James—and there are many –believe that he will not survive in the adult prison environment labeled as a convicted child rapist. Just as importantly, this conviction means that the person who actually assaulted a helpless toddler will go unidentified and unpunished.

Please sign this petition asking the prosecutors Jennifer Nichols, Teri Fratesi and the judge of this case Bobby Carter to recognize the inadequacies of this investigation and set aside the verdict pending a probative investigation into this event.


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