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 A great school in Preston is in trouble: Newlands Primary School

The Newlands Primary School community is passionate about its great school: excellent teachers, bilingual Spanish immersion curriculum and its focus on student agency and innovative teaching methods such as multi-age classrooms, but we have serious concerns about the school’s infrastructure and soaring enrolments.

Newlands PS building does not meet Victorian Government standards

A major building at Newlands Primary which houses the grade 4/5/6 classrooms, teacher offices, visual and performing arts rooms, assemblies and out-of-school-hours care does not meet current Victorian government standards and to repair the building would cost more than replacing it.

After 2020 Newlands PS will not have enough classroom space 

Newlands PS has grown from 88 students to a projected 269 in 2021. In 2021 there will not be enough classroom space. To accommodate the influx of new students, the only choice will be to convert the library, music room, art room, performing arts room, teacher offices, assembly area and the entire out-of-school-hours care program area into classrooms. There is no other vacant space.

The increased enrolments are not only an issue for Newlands PS, but also for neighbouring schools, many of which are already at capacity; our local families want to be able to attend Newlands PS.

Here is how YOU can help

The Newlands Primary School community are asking you, James Merlino and Robin Scott, to please prioritise the school’s Master Plan submission and grant additional infrastructure funding to Newlands Primary School immediately for new buildings which meet DET regulations, VSBA standards and community needs.

Thank you,

The Newlands Primary School Community