Remove confederate General's names from Jackson, Ashby, and Maury Hall at JMU

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James Madison University has stated publicly that they want to better the JMU community by discussing and addressing racial inequities on campus and improving the universities approach to inclusion of Black and minority students. One of the first and small steps they can take moving forward in acknowledging racism, is removing Confederate General's Stonewall Jackson, Ashby, and Maury's names from Jackson, Ashby, and Maury Hall, all which sit directly on the Quad. 

This petition recognizes the important contributions of activism and advocacy of Black members of the Harrisonburg area, including Coming to the Table, who have fought to combat racism and confederate structures in the community.

As a white female, I can and will never fully understand the prejudice, racism, systematic oppression, and violence the Black community has felt for far too long. A petition is only one small step forward, as myself and others, continue to educate ourselves,  speak out, donate, and call for injustice against the Black community to end. I hope this petition continues to foster conversation around justice and anti-racism, so that myself, and others can continue to learn.

Resource for learning about the history of naming buildings at JMU: