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To the Principal of James Fallon High School,

The purpose of this letter is to help you become aware of some of the events that have been having detrimental effects on a myriad of students in James Fallon High School.


It is by far not my job to be meddling with matters of another school but unfortunately, my friends have been affected and I plan on helping them. Therefore, without further explanation, I will start this letter with a little introduction.


I am in year 9 and I attend Trinity Anglican College. I graduated from Thurgoona Public School in 2014 with a number of classmates who now, attend James Fallon. Recently, I came across a couple of my old friends, which was a pleasant experience, however, as I asked them about school, they both expressed a great concern about the amount of bullying that has been occurring at your school. I have heard multiple stories about how people have been led to self-harm, depression, and anxiety due to Bullying. I have also been told about the little to no attempts that teachers have made to help students that have tried to reach out and ask for help.


Some adults believe that bullying is a normal part of growing up, that “kids will be kids”. Yet with many forms of verbal, physical and emotional abuse, bullying has become a dangerous, life-threatening epidemic. Children have been led to extremities such as suicide and as a school, it is your responsibility to take charge and ensure your students are safe and happy.


Having looked through your school website, you state that the school ensures a ‘safe and pleasant’ environment for all students. I have no doubt that this is what the teachers are working very hard to maintain, however, clearly not enough is being done to protect innocent children from the harms of bullying.


I acknowledge and understand the fact the staff does not have the power to completely stop bullying or to uncover every case of bullying in James Fallon, however, you can do something to prevent and/or reduce it. I suggest keeping an eye out around the school and educating the students further on the signs of bullying and what to do if it occurs. I also recommend that punishments are rougher and teachers take bullying more seriously if a student comes to them for help.


My two former friends, who wish to remain anonymous throughout this letter, have described many situations of bullying that have happened recently. They also named multiple students who they have seen being bullied in different ways and how this has made detrimental effects to their wellbeing and education.


To conclude this letter, I once again request that James Fallon High School takes action to stop the excessive amounts of bullying that has been occurring in the school. Thank you.


Kind Regards,


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